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PPP’s hometown in grip of land mafia

Prof (retd) Mrs Bhagwan Devi has appealed to the chief justice of Pakistan to take notice of land mafia in Larkana.

Talking to the media, she said that land mafia and lawlessness have gripped Larkana. She said that land grabbers were bent upon occupying the lands of Sindhi Hindus. For this purpose, they were making forged letters of power of attorney, she added. She said local Hindus were being forced to leave their lands at gun point. Many Hindu families were ready to leave the country.

She asked the politicians why were they silent over injustice against local Hindus? She said that Red Indians-like situation was being created for locals and Hindus. She revealed that the land mafia had occupied around 48 acres of her land through a fake power of attorney and this land was being sold in plots.

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