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Top 5 dessert places to satisfy your sweet tooth

What’s great with a cup of coffee in the cold weather? Something sweet and savoury. And we know exactly you should head to savour the best.

1. Petit Patisserie
Founded by a graduate from Le Cordon Bleu Paris, this home-based business is a treat for those in the capital. The desserts are not just a sight for eyes but also a delight for your taste buds.

2. Pink Pistachio
There is not one item on their dessert menu that doesn’t bring you joy. The eclairs and puddings are surely the best in Lahore. 

3. Pop Nosh
Ever want to satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling heavy and choked up? Grab some gourmet popcorn. Comes in many flavours. Our favourites are Choco Loco and Cornfetti.

4. The Olive & Fig
Another home-based business, The Olive and Fig deliver the best taste with each item on the menu but it’s really the desserts that you won’t find anywhere. Our pick? The tarts and cakes. You won’t find anything like ’em anywhere else.

5. Entourage – The French Bakery

New in town, this bakery will take you straight to France. After filling up on some comfort food, do not miss the sweets on the menu. The Opera Cake is what we recommend. 

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