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Khadim in the cage

  • Justice or revenge?

Another one of the Fridays turned out to be dramatic for the country as the younger Sharif shot into the spotlight. Called in for questioning in the Saaf Paani case, the former chief minister found himself detained in the Ashiana Iqbal housing scam. Charged up leaders and workers of PML-N immediately fired up the media houses with their fiery speeches in condemnation of their leader’s detention.

Quite interestingly, the speaker of the national assembly had simultaneously been informed of the issuance of the warrant and its subsequent execution the same day. With the swift moves of NAB, the leader of the opposition was incarcerated. The war of words which ensued as a follow up to the arrest was uncalled for. PTI ministers, particularly both the information ministers instantly took to the press, claiming that more high-profile arrests will follow in the coming days.

Just to be clear, NAB is an independent body which exists autonomously and completely liberated from the government. Rather than pleading distance from the NAB’s activities, both the ministers created the aura as if the government had arrested Shahbaz and was responsible for caging him. Not only does this notion create a sentiment of back-door conspiracies but rather is irresponsible and unwarranted on part of the government. It directly conflicts with the separation of powers and endangers the accountability process of a democratic state.

To merely gain political mileage, Fawad Chaudhary was giving out a victory speech. It might only be a matter of days before one of the incumbent minister’s is arrested by the same NAB. That might change the government’s sentiments. Such irresponsible and imprudent statements are going to cost PTI their credibility in the times to come and will most certainly add fuel to the fire being spewed by PML-N. The fire whose flames emit the fumes of establishment conspiracies, according to the N leaguers.

For no reason, the far-fetched claims of the opposition attract more sympathy as the government itself takes on careless stances.

A new chapter in history has turned with Shahbaz’s arrest. The once invincible Shahbaz is now cowered down to NAB and is holed up in a cage

Nevertheless, the arrest itself sent ripples of shock through the younger Sharif’s camp. Those who consider themselves safe from the clutches of law were knocked off their sense of security. Visibly perturbed by his father’s arrest, Hamza Shehbaz couldn’t control his emotions whilst addressing the media. With the elder one out, for now, the younger one is set to experience the insides of a cage. The younger lion, who allegedly didn’t show up on time in support of his brother, is facing the same situation for himself. And, ironically, the elder one is out at the moment seeing the entire situation unfold.

Whether Shahbaz deserves to be behind bars, is a question of the legality and formality which can only be looked at once NAB presents a charge sheet before the accountability court. Till then, suffice to say that NAB is well within its legal limits to make such a move. It is empowered to detain individuals, against whom they have credible proof. Even otherwise, a Court of law has granted physical remand to them for 10 days, so anybody questioning the legality of the arrest itself is delusional.

Amidst the debate of conspiracies and back door deals, what most people miss out on is the effect of our own actions. The Khadim-e-Aala and his chronicles in power are not hidden from the public. The disrespectful attitude, the ‘firauniyat’ coupled with numerous allegations of corruption, misuse of power amongst others are enough. Maybe the time has come for him. Zawaal as some would say. 30 years of power and look where Pakistan is right now. Failing to provide basic educations to the generations that passed in this time frame.

For once, maybe his own actions are generating the current reactions. Rather than Khalai Makhlooq maybe there is some divine decision making, sealing Shahbaz’s fate. The blood in Model Town is yet to be avenged. The innocent and oppressed people slain, mercilessly, on the streets of Model Town will have their vengeance. Maybe, the cries of the screaming victims fall upon the younger Sharif in his cell.

Legal view aside, morally, the Sharifs are bound to answer for the time spent in power. Orange line and metro buses have not produced the desired results. Billions have been looted during the time they occupied the corridors of power. They may not be involved in looting wealth themselves, I leave that to the courts to determine, however, they did miserably fail to curb corruption during their tenure at least. It is undeniable that wealth was plundered from the country. Almost every official from top to bottom was or is involved in corrupt practices.

Even if the bigger burden of robbing the nation’s wealth does not fall upon the Sharif family, the hat of sheer incompetence and inability to govern effectively does cast its shadow, indeed. The inability to root out corruption is a failure in itself.

A new chapter in history has turned with Shahbaz’s arrest. The once invincible Shahbaz is now cowered down to NAB and is holed up in a cage provided by the latter. Yahin pe roz e hisaab hoga coming true? I guess.

In spite of all of the above, the people of Pakistan, especially Punjab, cry out their hearts for the Sharif family. A trailer was displayed outside the judicial complex where Shahbaz was presented on Saturday. Regrettably, illiteracy has had its impact significantly. People have lost the ability to think and comprehend public actions. The Sindhis look out for Bhutto’s redemption whereas the Punjabis depose their faith in the Sharif family. Their disastrous rule is over-looked and any shortcomings are sidelined.  Anybody criticising the Sharifs and appreciating Shahbaz’s arrest is browbeaten by the supporters because:

Shahbaz teri parwaz se jalta hai zamana