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No privatization plan underway for National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases

KARACHI: National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) Spokesman Nasir Bhutto on Tuesday rejected rumours of privatization, stressing the hospital will continue to function as a government entity.

“NICVD is working under Sindh government and it would remain a government entity in the future as well.”

In a statement issued by the hospital, he said: “The news stories and rumours about the privatization of NICVD aim to misguide people. This fake and baseless news has created unrest among thousands of patients as well as employees of the hospital.”

“Some media sections have reported that NICVD would be made as trustworthy as Liaquat National Hospital and it will run as a private hospital. However, there is no truth to such news because NICVD is already performing at its best and it will continue to serve the nation being part of the Sindh government.”

“The Sindh Government as well as the executive director of the institute strongly rejected and clarified such news which is based on false assumptions,” the spokesman assured.

“The only state-of-the-art cardiac hospital will continue to provide free of cost services to millions of people and there is no plan under consideration to privatize it.”

“The NICVD, under the leadership of its executive director Prof Dr Nadeem Qamar, has performed extraordinarily within a short span of time. It included free OPDs to major heart surgeries, the establishment of eight Satellite Centers in the province within one year, seven Chest Pain Units in Karachi, adoption of latest TAVI method of treatment and artificial heart installation in the country,” He added.

“The NICVD is being considered the world’s largest hospital where more than 17,470 free angioplasties have been undertaken in just 40 months.”

“More satellite centres and chest pain units would be established in almost all the district of the province in the future.”

“We are striving hard to ensure the provision of the best heart facilities to people of the province at their doorstep,” he added.

“Some anti-social elements who do not want to see this [NICVD] as the best institute have started negative campaigns against the hospital, however, the management of the hospital resolves to continue hard work to serve the poor people of the province as well the country”, the spokesman concluded.


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