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White Lies

She’s come out of her shell, the First Lady has, what with her much-awaited television debut. The channel’s ratings would have gone through the roof. Good on them!
In the imagination of the public, there are only two names for her, both problematic. First, is the dated “Bushra Maneka,” though it has stuck, whether or not Mr Maneka is history. Then, there is the far less flattering “Pinkie Peerni” which also has a lot of traction.
Bushra Khan, Bushra Niazi or the formal Khatoon-e-Awwal could do the trick. But it hasn’t, till now.
She came across as a pleasant interviewee; it remains to be seen if she quits while she’s still ahead or lets the limelight stay on her.
Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif is awful quiet after getting out of jail.
The lone statement attributed to him was quickly denied by the party’s media apparatus.
It remains to be seen, however, whether this is a bereavement period or a gag order, of sorts.