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Cocoo’s Den’s Iqbal Hussain claims his daughters ‘harassed’

Cocoo’s Den owner, Iqbal Hussain in another Facebook post claimed that his nephews and their wives harrassed and abused his daughters and grandchildren who were visiting the restaurant.

The owner Iqbal Hussain took to Facebook and asked whether this is the “Naya Pakistan for our daughters?”.

In his post, he said that his daughters and grandchildren wanted to visit Cocoo’s Den. Upon arrival, they were asked to leave the premises by the nephews and their wives who later resorted to harassing them.

“My daughters and grandchildren wanted to visit Cocoo’s. My criminal nephews and their wives asked them to leave and when my daughters refused to leave and said they are here just for a visit, Israr Hussain that Monster came and hit my daughters and asked them to leave. He tried to kill them,” Hussain said in the post.

He further said that his grandchildren were “terrified” and the daughters did “everything to save themselves”.

While sharing pictures along with the post, Iqbal said, “They cried and begged for help but nobody helped them. He chocked her to death. He tried to rip off their clothes. He abused them. He kicked them. Everyone was there but nobody helped them. The whole restaurant staff was there but nobody did nothing,” Hussain said.

Moreover, the owner said that after filing a complaint against Israr at the Tibi City Police Station, they paid no heed to the severity of the issue. “He was interested in Cocoo’s. We were there for Israr Hussain but police officer was interested in Cocoo’s food. When we asked him that he should concentrate what happened to us, He became so rude. He refused to give us the application’s copy,” the Iqbal said.

He further questioned the authorities competence stating that is this the “Naya Pakistan we want for our daughters? If it could be my daughters then it could be anybody else’s.”

Earlier, the artist had claimed that he was “locked inside” the premises by his nephews and when he had contacted the police, officials on duty replied, “Who asked you to call 15? Stop calling 15. We are not free. Come tomorrow.”

Hussain had alleged that his nephews, Abrar Hussain, Israr Hussain and Nazar Abbas, were planning to indulge in “illegal activities” in Karachi and use the restaurant’s name in the process which is bone of contention for the family.

A video was shared by Hussain’s daughter reveals that when Hussain’s family returned home they were “locked out” while he was “locked in”.

The restaurant was closed down after a family feud between the owner Iqbal Hussain and his nephews.

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