‘Take it easy man,’ Ahsan Iqbal tells successor Shehryar Afridi | Pakistan Today

‘Take it easy man,’ Ahsan Iqbal tells successor Shehryar Afridi

In a seemingly lighthearted moment on social media, former interior minister Ahsan Iqbal poked fun at current Minister of State for Interior Shehryar Khan Afridi, telling him to “take it easy man.”

“Learn to enjoy humour,” Iqbal said, before going on to advise Afridi not to get distracted by tweets.

“You have a tough job don’t be distracted by opposition tweets.”

The social media jab came after Shehryar Afridi angrily responded to a tweet Ahsan Iqbal had earlier made, in which the former interior minister had joked that the fortunes of the Pakistan cricket team seemed to be taking a turn for the worse since the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) came into government.

“Has the shadow of ‘Naya Pakistan’ affected previously pretty good cricket team as well,” Ahsan Iqbal had jokingly tweeted.

Shehryar Afridi had responded in turn saying, “Ahsan Iqbal’s latest tweet has shocked me, and I am wondering how people with such sick mentalities ran government institutions.”

It was after this that Ahsan Iqbal advised Afridi to “take it easy” and not get distracted by tweets. Shehryar Afridi has not responded to this latest tweet yet.