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Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s second short highlights domestic violence

Academy Award winner Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy new animated series Aagahi, which aims to educate women in the country about their rights released their second episode Tuesday.

The two and a half minute videos focuse on educating women about domestic violence. The episode has been divided into a series of two parts: the first of which explains what domestic violence is and how to identify different forms of abuse included in domestic violence such as physical, sexual, psychological, and economic abuse. The second part informs viewers on how to seek protection against domestic violence.

It educates women on the various steps one can take to protect themselves: filing an FIR, seeking a protection order, visiting a medico-legal center at a government hospital, or seeking refuge at a shelter if needed.

The video also shares contact information of various helplines, counseling services, shelters, and legal support services available to survivors of domestic violence in Pakistan.

Aaghi, under the banner of SOC Films is a 14-episode project which aims to educate women about their legal rights in Pakistan. The first episode released September 1 educated women on how to file for an FIR.

Aamina Sheikh has lent her voice for the series, which is being shared free of cost with all news and media channels across the country.

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