Murad Saeed announces auction of NHA’s vehicles | Pakistan Today

Murad Saeed announces auction of NHA’s vehicles

Minister for Communications Murad Saeed, during a meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Communications, said that a decision had been made to auction 219 vehicles of the National Highway Authority (NHA), local media reports have informed.

Saeed further said he was appalled to see that all toll plazas which generated revenues had been given on lease while those which did not generate revenues were kept with the authority and stated that he would reconsider the leases of toll plazas and if law permitted auction them again.

The move was appreciated by Senator Moula Bux Chandio of the PPP on Monday who said the solution to all problems being faced by Pakistan was in the auctioning of government properties. Chandio added that he was well aware that the NHA was a very ‘poor’ organisation and pointed out several shortcomings.

Meanwhile, the Inspector General of Motorway Police Aamir Zulfiqar Khan requested the committee to play its role to get the data of car owners or their licences so that the police would increase the fines in case of repeated offences.

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