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‘Kidnapped’ bride-to-be says run-away with former fiance was consensual

KARACHI: A woman, Qurat-ul-Ain, who was allegedly kidnapped by her former fiance from outside a beauty salon in North Nazimabad area came on media, stating that she ran away with her former fiance with the consent and was not abducted.

Earlier, she had gone for a personal grooming appointment in anticipation of her wedding after which she allegedly kidnapped by her ex-fiance Muhammad Ali.

The soon-to-be bride’s parents had claimed that their daughter, who was due to get married on September 30, had gone to the salon with her sister. The parents accused her former fiance of kidnapping her from outside the premises of the salon.

However, police were reluctant to file an abduction case, claiming that the girl had gone off with her ex-fiance of her own volition. Gulberg Superintendent Police (SP) Shabbir Baloch claimed that the couple got married in court.

The officials also claimed that the two had been in contact prior to her disappearance.

Law enforcement officials added that they have spoken to the salon management and hope to find the missing woman soon.

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