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Meat the Cheese: A cheese-lovers delight

LAHORE: Karachi has recently stepped up its game when it comes to having good and diverse eateries for food lovers. Moreover, when eateries begin to open their branches in different cities, it means that they have really nailed it. Such is the case with Meat the Cheese, yes, it is exactly how it sounds, which opened in Karachi 2017. Since then, we’ve seen their dishes grace our Instagram feeds and make us drool. I mean look at all that gooey, creamy cheese!

When the eatery opened its doors to Lahore, almost a year later, we were ecstatic and headed there as soon as we could.

Located in the hub of the city, Gulberg 3, Meat the Cheese has a quirky, upbeat ambience while being cosy at the same time. As soon as you enter the restaurant, an uber cool wallpaper catches your attention. Though the restaurant’s area, on the whole, is not large, the table placement is considerate of the customer’s personal space, giving it a homely feel. The lighting and plants hanging on the window pane and partly along the walls all add to overall mood and setting.

As we took our seats, the waiters placed the menu in front of us, which was artfully done. It also reflected the restaurant’s efforts to inform the customers of the different meats and cheese they use in their dishes. A wide variety of cheeses from Parmesan to Mozarella, from Raclette to Monterey Jack were available at the eatery. Halumi, which was awaiting delivery at their outlet, was the only one missing.

After poring through the menu, we gave in to our cheesy instincts and ordered the ‘Wicked Mushrooms’ from the appetisers menu. The mushrooms were coated in crispy batter and stuffed with pepperoni and cheese. Despite being served piping hot, they were devoured in seconds showing how amazing they were. The spice levels and the amount of cheese used in them was a treat for someone who loves mushrooms and cheese.

For the main course, we ordered their popular ‘Crack Pot Pie’ and ‘Insanely Cheesy Burger.’ To ensure, we fully go into meat and cheese coma, we also ordered a Medium-Well ‘Tender Loving Loin’ steak along with ‘Cheesy Mushroom Fries.’

‘Crack Pot Pie’ was literally magic in a bowl and the act of watching the upside down pizza being placed on our plate was fascinating, to say the least. Served with brick cheese, it had a crispy and fresh crust and offered an unusual twist from the regular classic flatbread pizzas. From the tomato sauce to the spices, from the oozing cheese to the meat, everything was cooked to perfection.

Next up was the ‘Insanely Cheesy Burger.’ For an eatery that is known for its burgers, this was an utter disappointment. The buns were stale and fell apart when we just held it to take a bite. Although the beef patty and the vegetables seemed fresh, it was the buns that killed the game. However, we are willing to give the burger another chance, considering the rest of the experience was brilliant. The burgers were served with a side of onion rings and cheesy mayo sauce.

Our most favourite dish from our selection was the juicy and soft ‘Tender Loving Loin’ which was grilled to perfection. We couldn’t have enough of it, as it reminded us of the mouth-watering steaks back in UAE, invoking a sense of nostalgia within us. The steak was served with potato wedges, sautéed vegetables and in-house sauces. To make it even more sinful, we added a serving of Raclette cheese. It definitely topped the list for us.

The ‘Cheesy Mushroom Fries’ that we ordered as a side, was exactly how they sound…delicious. Finger cut potatoes fried until golden brown and crispy topped with mushrooms and cheesy dripping all over, need we say more?

No meal is really complete without dessert, so to complete our meal, we ordered the ‘The Melting Point.’ The dish was just like any Chocolate Molten Lava Cake and was served with a dollop of ice cream. Though nothing out of the blue, it was surely a great way to end a meal.

Overall, the eatery has done a pretty decent job and has made a promising start in the city, with foodies descending upon the restaurant to have their share of the cheese. The burgers definitely need to be worked on, but the rest of the dishes offered something different from the usual. Considering that, I am positive that the eatery can easily make a name in Lahore, just like it did in Karachi.

If you are looking for a good dining experience with your family and/or a cosy place for your next date, Meat the Cheese is the place to be.

Saneela Jawad

The author is a former member of the staff. Her interests lie in culture, fashion and highlighting social injustices. She's also on a mission to end hunger with the initiative Tiffin Point. She tweets at @SaneelaJawad Email: [email protected]

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