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Women, minorities have small share of federal govt postings: report

As per the Establishment Division’s statistical bulletin about the employees of the federal government and its autonomous bodies for 2016-17, the total number of sanctioned posts are 649,176, but only 5.48pc are currently occupied by women and 2.82pc by non-Muslims.

Moreover, 78,623 of them are lying vacant, leaving the departments to function with 570,553 employees only.

According to a local media report that quoted the statistics stated that “the actual strength of women employees stands at 31,281— even less than the number of vacant positions. However, the percentage share of women employees saw a significant increase in 34.26pc in 2016-17, as opposed to 7.7pc (23,298 women employees) in the previous year”.

The bulletin shows that “out of the existing strength of 31,281 women officers, 1,246 are working in the main secretariat while 30,035 occupy positions in attached departments and subordinate offices”.

Moreover, 30,035 female employees are working in attached departments and subordinate offices, the largest share of 58.70pc goes to Punjab (including 7.57pc in Islamabad), while Sindh has 13.09pc, GB 16.12pc, KP 7.33pc, and Balochistan 2.52pc. A tepid share of 1.32pc and 0.92pc is covered by AJK and Fata, respectively.

Women also make up 32.1pc of the workforce in Pakistan Railways, 14.16pc are employed with the KP Frontiers Corps, and 9.57pc are with the Balochistan Frontier Corps. The General Headquarters has 8.0pc female employees. The second largest unit with the most female employees is the Capital Administration and Development division with 27.03pc strength, with a majority of them working as teachers and nurses.

“The Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan, Interior and Communications and Postal Services Divisions have a female share of 14.80pc, 4.75pc and 3.14pc, respectively, out of their total workforce,” the statistics stated.

The number of total non-Muslim employees is around 16,133 (2.8pc) where a sizable number of 14,730 (91.3pc) are Christians, whereas 224 (1.4pc) are Ahmadis, 956 (5.9pc) are Hindus (caste), 176 (1.0pc) are Hindus (non-caste), 13 (0.1pc) are Sikhs and 34 (0.2pc) belong to the other religions.

Punjab combined with Islamabad has the highest share of minority quota with 10,405 officers — including 10,114 Christians out of the 14,730 and 176 Ahmadis of the total 224 working in the federal government.

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