Pakistanis consumed 59 billion cigarettes in year 2017-18 | Pakistan Today

Pakistanis consumed 59 billion cigarettes in year 2017-18

ISLAMABAD: Pakistanis consumed 59 cigarettes in the year 2017-18, costing Rs295 billion, said State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Statistical Bulletin 2018.

According to SBP Statistical Bulletin, a 72 per cent increase has been noted in the cigarette production in Pakistan.

However, the SBP report has not mentioned the income generated by the consumption of such a big quantity of cigarettes in Pakistan.

Worth mentioning that in the year 2016-17 a decrease of 36 per cent in the cigarette production was observed, the production decreased from Rs53 billion to Rs34 billion, decreased government income and for fulfilling the deficiency of cigarette smuggling of cigarettes was noted which decreased the foreign reserves of the country.

New government has implemented the tax on cigarettes, expecting Rs26 billion income generation by these taxes.

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