Musharraf says India will be ‘taught a lesson’ if needed | Pakistan Today

Musharraf says India will be ‘taught a lesson’ if needed

ISLAMABAD: Former military dictator Pervez Musharraf lashed out at India’s army chief General Bipin Rawat for his statement against Pakistan, saying, “India will be taught a lesson, let it put something into practice first”.

On Saturday, Indian army chief had snubbed peace talks offered by Pakistan, saying, “Talks and terrorism can’t go hand in hand and there was a need to take revenge against the Pakistan Army [for alleged interference in Kashmir].

“India should note that our military is brave, experienced and proficient on the battlefield,” the former president said, while calling India a “paper lion”.

Recalling the 2001 Indian Parliament attack, Musharraf said after that incident, India had brought all of its troops on the borders and “we stood in front of them for 10 months that forced Indian army to turn their tails from the ground”.

“Indian Premier Narendra Modi wants to present Pakistan as a terrorist state for his political gains,” the former strongman said

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