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90s films all millennials should re-watch and make their kids watch

Children’s films these days have all the glitz and glamour but we can agree that they do not and cannot match to the content and quality of children’s films made in the yesteryears.

Millennials of the 90’s who were privileged enough to witness the best of the best when it comes to children’s movies know what we are talking about. More importantly, many millennials now have kids of their own and are constantly heard complaining about the poor quality of today’s entertainment available to their kids.

Cool graphics do not matter when you have strong content. Here’s a list of films you can let your kids watch if you have any or re-watch on your own or nephews and nieces to re-live some memories.


Based on Roald Dahl’s epic novel, Matilda is essential for all kids to see. It teaches about wonder, imagination, miracles and empathy.

2-Home Alone

Kevin McCallister was the real and ultimate MVP of the 90’s. This film is about a lesson in bravery and family values.

3-The Lion King

Do you even exist if you haven’t seen the Lion King?

4-Little Giants

Little people can do big things. Another movie with big life lessons that will leave you in tears of joy. Great for little girls who are growing up in today’s world.


Adventure and superhero movies these days just don’t cut it. Sorry, not sorry.

6-The Addams Family

If you were an Adams Family fan and grew up to have a hilariously dark and sarcastic personality then this film was probably behind it.

Time to head to the DVD store.

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