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Punjab governor predicts ‘change’ in Pakistan

Punjab Governor Mohammad Sarwar has said that a caravan of ‘change’ is in progress.

He gave this message on Twitter on Monday. He said Pakistan will be of a common instead of VIPs. He tweeted that the reforms were being introduced in institutions which would make Pakistan a peaceful, developed and prosperous country.

Earlier on Sunday, Punjab Governor House was opened for public as MPAs and provincial ministers welcomed the public on their first visit to the house.

Talking to journalists on the occasion, the Punjab governor said, “State-owned buildings are the country’s assets.”

Following the win in the recent general election, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf said, “It would take austerity measures to curb excessive expenditures and promised to end the VVIP culture of government functionaries.”

The pictures after the public visit, however, are telling a disturbing story as the citizens of Lahore left piles of garbage on the lawn of the house. In the pictures, the empty bottles, wrappers, plastic bags, and plastic cups can be seen on the ground of the Governor’s House. Punjab Governor’s House seemed like a garbage dump following the tour by the masses.

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