UN body initiates project to create pathways for youth | Pakistan Today

UN body initiates project to create pathways for youth

  • Youth Cohesion Programme to empower young people, make them useful citizen

ISLAMABAD: United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) has initiated a project Youth Cohesion Programme with an aim to empower youth and make them useful citizen of the country.

According to a UNDP report, the Youth and Social Cohesion Project aims at creating pathways for the economic empowerment and constructive engagement of the young people through informed decision-making, community mobilisation, skills development, small scale infrastructural support, and establishment of multi-function community centres.

The report said that these centres would serve as nodes of village-level cultural and recreational activities involving youth. As it is, 90 per cent of the jobs in Pakistan are generated by the private sector and two-thirds of these come from the small and medium enterprises.

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