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Missing persons or forced disappearances, asks Reham Khan

Tweets about missing Balochs, Pashtuns and Sindhis

Reham Khan has asked the government to work on the grave issue of missing persons.

In a video posted by Baloch Republican Party spokesman Sher Muhammad Bugti on Twitter on Tuesday, she discussed the disappearances of 272 people including Balochs, Pashtuns and Sindhis. She said that Balochs were kidnapped and disappeared from FATA and KPK. Now the nationalist Sindhis were being targeted and kidnapped for the last few months, she said. According to the constitution and law, if a person is missing or wanted by the state, he should be prosecuted and brought before the court instead of disappearing or kidnapping him without letting know his family. She said that the missing persons should be recovered and tried in the court because their disappearance was a human rights violation.

She urged the rulers, parliamentarians and politicians to work on this issue and recover the missing persons.

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