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‘Begum Nawazish’ resumes shoot with Meera Jee post-arrest

Actor and entertainer Ali Saleem, better known for his onscreen persona as Begum Nawazish Ali recently had a run in with the Karachi police when was arrested for possession of alcohol and allegedly indulging in suspicious activities.

However, the actor claimed innocence and was later released on bail.

Speaking to Pakistan Today earlier, Saleem had said that he was arrested due to a misunderstanding and gross mismanagement by the police. He shared that the police, in civil clothes, broke into his room a little after midnight and took him into custody. He was then taken to the police station where Saleem said that he was beaten and his clothes torn. He said that he was booked under a fake FIR.

Saleem also said that they had an 8 am shoot scheduled the next morning and instead of doing that he was trying to get himself out of jail.

Meera Jee, who was reportedly present with Saleem at the bungalow, defended Saleem and said that the whole situation was the result of a misunderstanding. She said that the alcohol bottles were part of their shoot which was being done in the house.

While the two had not shared the details of the shoot, Meera Jee took to social media Thursday morning to share some behind the scenes.

She posted pictures of herself and Ali getting their makeup done by renowned makeup artist Masarrat Misbah. The trio appear to be in good spirits.

Meera Jee also shared that they were getting ready for the shoot of ‘SM film.’ We’re not entirely sure what project they are doing, but like they say all’s well that end’s well.

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