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DMC issues false tsunami warning for Karachi

Karachi’s District Municipal Corporation (DMC) East had falsely issued a tsunami and thundershower warning in the city on Tuesday, which the DMC’s municipal commissioner later termed as a ‘typo.’

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) and National Seismic Monitoring Centre issued a press release regarding the Indian Ocean-Wide Tsunami exercise which was misinterpreted by the DMC East and it issued a circular stating that in pursuance of the press release issued by the chief meteorologist, scattered rain, thundershowers, and tsunami are expected in Karachi in September next year.

Met Department Director Abdul Rashid termed DMC East’s notification ‘absurd’ and said thunderstorm and tsunami have no link to one another and they weren’t expecting any of it in Karachi. “We just wrote to different departments for their participation in the tsunami drills,” he confirmed.

Meanwhile, DMC East Municipal Commissioner Akhtar Ali Sheikh, attempting to cover up the mistake, claimed there must be a typing error by their department. “We are arranging drills in schools falling in DMC East and no tsunami is hitting Karachi,” he explained.

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