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VIDEO: CJP calls in a live programme to discuss dam funds

Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar called in a live programme on a private news channel to discuss dam funds.

Talking in the programme, which was a live marathon transmission for dam fund, the chief justice thanked the channel for conducting it. “Water is life for Pakistan,” the CJP said, adding that life is not possible without water and this country is blessed because it has water in abundance.

However, some journalists criticised the chief justice over it and called it a “violation of the Judges Code of Conduct Article 5, 6, 7, and 8”.

Criticising the call, journalist Fakhar Durrani tweeted: “کیا اےآر وائی کےٹاک شو میں فون کر کے معزز چیف جسٹس نےججز کےکوڈ آف کنڈکٹ کےآرٹیکل v, vi, vii, viii کیخلاف ورزی نہیں کی؟واضع رہےچیف صاحب کی سربراہی میں ایک بنچ اےآر وائی سےمتعلق کیس کی سماعت بھی کر رہا۔میڈیا پرزیر سماعت کیس پر گفتگو پر پابندی،کیاکسی پابندی کااطلاق عدلیہ پربھی ہوتا؟

Another journalist, Omar Qureshi mentioned that “the CJP is currently hearing a case against an anchor of the same channel where he called”. Qureshi wrote: “When the CJP called in on an ARY show – where they were discussing the SC Dam fund In related news, the Honourable Court is conducting a hearing involving an ARY anchor breach of journalistic ethics and discussing a subjudice matter on his show.”


On Wednesday, the Supreme Court had issued a show cause notice to ARY News host Arshad Sharif for discussing sub-judice matters on his talk show “Power Play”.

A three-member bench headed by Mian Saqib Nisar had taken up a suo motu notice regarding the August 28 episode of the talk show in which a question pertaining to the affidavit submitted by former president Asif Ali Zardari was put up for discussion.

“Comments like these [those made in the show] are prejudicial to court proceedings,” the CJP had remarked, warning Sharif of action against him. He also termed the discussion akin to “interference in court matters”.

The top judge had also questioned whether the TV programme was “sponsored” by anyone, asking: “On whose direction did you conduct the programme?”

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