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White Lies

“E = mc^2”

“F = ma”

“a^2 + b^2 = c^2”


Ah, the great, revolutionary mathematical equations of the world!

The new information minister could have well stayed quiet about the fuel costs of the helicopter that the prime minister uses to commute from Bani Gala to the PM Secretariat but no, he had to put forth a figure.

This turned the twitterati and the rest of the netizens of the country into aviation experts, all of them holding forth on the issue.

The claim, quite frankly, is completely ridiculous, but who cares? Supporters of the ruling party would rather believe the dubious blogs floating about on the internet than actual aviation industry professionals.


Who, really, is the First Lady?

Is it the Prime Minister’s wife? Or the President’s wife?

If the latter, then we don’t really know much about the incumbent, except that lady had the security bunkers installed in the Presidency by the Zardari administration razed to the ground. And that the low-profile lady also didn’t care too much for the whole occult business that the PPP co-chairman was fond of.

If the Maulana is to be President, then we don’t really know much about his wife and he’d like to keep it that way.

If Aitzaz Ahsen gets the slot, we’d have a progressive, confident, intelligent-looking lady for the position in Bushra Aitzaz.

Most probably, the position is going to go to Dr Arif Alvi. Sorry, we meant his wife.