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Lack of traction on election promises

  • PTI facing criticism on a daily basis

After a brief statement from ISPR on Imran Khan’s visit to the GHQ , Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry has come out with more details about the talks between the civil and military leadership. COAS Bajwa, we are told, had categorically stated that the army will work as an institution under the government. Further, that the army was bound to implement all the policies devised by the civil administration. One wonders why these important points did not appear in ISPR’s version of the visit. Meanwhile one hopes the PTI government makes sensible policies.

The PM was wrongly advised to receive Pompeo’s telephone call which should have been directed to the foreign minister as required by protocol. This created a perception that after assuming power the PM has suddenly become over keen to improve ties with the US. The call has also caused him embarrassment after claims about its contents made by the State Department were denied by Pakistan’s FO while the State Department insisted on the correctness of its stand. The FO now wants to draw a line under Imran-Pompeo phone controversy and the foreign minister says Pakistan was not intending to press the matter any further. This has given birth to suggestions that the about turn on the part of the FO has come after the US shared the transcript of the conversation.

The meeting at the army headquarters also discussed regional peace and stability as well as Islamabad’s relations with neighbouring countries. According to Fawad Chaudhry Islamabad wants stability in Afghanistan, peace with India, enjoys close relations with Iran and considers Saudi Arabia Pakistan’s strategic partner. Further, Pakistan will try to improve ties with the US during Pompeo’s visit while maintaining close economic relationship with China and develop association with Russia.

Mouthing clichés about the countries in the region and outside is not enough. What many would like to see are appropriate measures to implement what the government says. As things stand it is still formulating its economic, foreign and security policies. Meanwhile the follies committed by its federal and Punjab media team have become a popular subject for PTI bashing at media channels.