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KP gov calls explanation over ‘communicating with donkeys’ WhatsApp message

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) chief secretary called for an explanation from a Population Welfare Department (PWD) employee for “indecent conduct in a social media Whatsapp group.”

The employee sent a message in the Whatsapp group which can be translated as, “all of you are so full of shit. It seems like communicating with donkeys”.

The name and designation of the employee have been wiped out in an image of the government notice circulating on social media.

In response, Deputy Coordinator eGovernance, Performance Management and Reforms Unit (PMRU) of the Government of KP, Akif Khan said that releasing an official notice was “the option we had”.

“We try our level best that officers should follow the code of conduct already communicated for this WhatsApp Group,” he added.

He commented that “in a group of 200+ people where everyone is violating the code of conduct, this is the only way out”.

“Only authorized officers/official are part of the group. Initially, everything was fine but now a few members have violated the terms,” he added.

“Everyone should follow the code of conduct,” Akif Khan stressed.

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