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PML-N-archived Punjab govt Twitter handle deleted

The official twitter handle of the Punjab Government, archived by the outgoing Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) as “Punjab Government (2013-18)”, has been deleted and replaced with a new one.

The verified social media account, which should have been handed over to the new government, wasn’t accessible to the officials concerned after PML-N, last week, had reportedly “hijacked” it.

The previous account (@GovtOfPunjab), verified by Twitter, had more than 226,000 followers while the new one (@GOPunjabPK) has 5,230 followers. The number of followers is increasing with every passing second as the account had only 54 followers around 4 pm on Friday.

A week ago, it was reported that the official social media account had become another bone of contention between PTI and PML-N. The former ruling party was reportedly giving a tough time to the new administration by refusing to hand over credentials of the account that was operated by Punjab Directorate General of Public Relations.

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