PM at GHQ | Pakistan Today


  • Road ahead

Prime Minister Imran Khan has made just the kind of start with the military – appreciating efforts, promising resources – that was needed under the circumstances. The war on terror has come a long way, as the prime minister rightly noted during the detailed briefing, but recent attacks by the enemy have demonstrated how much still remains the be done. The PM’s core team – ministers of defence, information, finance, foreign affairs, and minister of state for interior – have now got the ball rolling with the military’s top command, just days after its own latest reshuffling. The two teams must now draw a roadmap that will, finally, bring this long war to a close.
Also, since the country stands at such a critical position, hopefully this start will also mark the end of the era when the executive was vulnerable because of the establishment. The many reasons behind no prime minister ever completing a term must be overcome. Too much attention, time, money and resources have been lost to political intrigue for too much of our history. There must, now, be a combined pursuit of common goals, foremost among which is saving the country’s security and financial infrastructure.
There’s also a new phenomenon for the government, and of course all security agencies, to contend with. As TLP protestors pour into Islamabad, evoking memories of the frustrating Faizabad siege, they can pose a formidable challenge to the government, especially since they are known for persevering till their demands are met. And since they have also secured a remarkable number of votes recently, they now boast more than just street power. It is in the interest of all stakeholders, therefore, to carve out a fresh action plan for all problems facing the country, and ensure unflinching implementation. For that, again, all top organs of the state will have to work together. Having started off well, the PM and the GHQ must now carry this vision all the way.