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Media Watch: WajBro and the ladies

Of course.

Of course our man Waj Bro is a ladies’ man. Of course he is.

What woman could possibly resist the charms of this Greek diety? This man of words whose sheer elocution can unleash a thousand butterflies in the most sensible of women?

Well, our man decided on his Eid special to give a little something back to womankind.

He started the program by citing three instances where women helped him out.

The first, his mother, who sent him to the best schools and then university in America.

Then, his first editor, who advised him to go to Afghanistan to do reporting.

Things went south in the local journalism market but his wife (a woman, he clarifies) told him to take a break and go to Harvard (he loves dropping the H-bomb but didn’t go there for a degree program.)

Another woman editor asked him to go to Nepal for a field assignment, which, he says was good for his career somehow.

This was his tribute to women. How he deemed them good enough to take advice from. Nothing about them, God forbid, except as punctuation marks in his life.

But that wasn’t it: after this tamheed, the first question that he asked the four women from the news media that he had invited on his program was why women were always late.

As always, Wajahat S Khan is a caricature of himself. As always, he imitates Wajahat S Khan in a funny skit.

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