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Man accused of raping daughter-in-law for years

RAHIM YAR KHAN: A woman has accused her father-in-law of sexually assaulting her multiple times in the absence of her husband, local media reports have informed.

The woman a resident of Moza Kabirwala, Liaquatpur, alleged that her father-in-law assaulted her on numerous occasions, while also threatening her. She claimed that her father-in-law would molest her and if she refused to give in to his demands, he would beat her up.

The victim’s mother told the police that she had married her daughter to the assaulter’s son about 15 years ago. She maintained that her daughter’s father-in-law started sexually assaulting her after a few years of the marriage when she was alone in the house.

She informed that the accused also threatened to lodge fake cases against them if they reported the incident to the police and appealed to higher police officials to take action against the perpetrator who kept abusing her daughter in the absence of her husband.

The police have registered a case against the suspect and are conducting raids to arrest him.

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