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Dutch police detain Pakistani man over parliament attack threat

The Dutch police have reportedly detained a 26-year-old Pakistani man who travelled to the country from France to “stop the blasphemy”, referring to a contest of blasphemous caricatures being organised by a Dutch right-wing lawmaker Geert Wilders.

According to a tweet by a journalist: “Netherlands police has detained 26-year-old Pakistani man suspected of threatening an attack on Dutch Parliament/ MP Geert Wilders for scheduling anti-Islam cartoon competition. In the Facebook post, suspect tells that he’s travelled from France to Holland to stop the blasphemy.”

In a video, attached to the tweet, the man can be heard saying that he has left his family and friends for this cause. “I have reached here and will not return until I reach to the person who is conducting it,” he said, adding that he needs support and help from other Muslims to achieve his goal.

“The security is very tight around the location of competition and I will not do anything to harm the reputation of Pakistan or Muslims but I will try my best to reach to Geert Wilders,” he said, adding if a person can wait to form his government for 22 years, I am a true lover of Prophet (PBUH) so I will wait as long as it is possible.

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