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Director Nabeel Qureshi calls out ‘cinema mafia’ for sidelining ‘Load Wedding’

The box-office had an influx of films this Eid as three major films with star-studded casts hit the screens. These include Jawani Phir Nai Ani 2, Load Wedding and Parwaaz Hai Junoon.

While the films appear to be doing well with good reviews, sold-out shows and outstanding box-office numbers, Load Wedding Director Nabeel Qureshi, recently took to social media claiming that his film is the target of “cinema mafia which is trying to push us down.”

Taking to Twitter, Qureshi said, “Just got this! Only one show of Load Wedding which is also at 10:30 am in the morning, what is this? Cinegold Bahria Pindi, this is pure cinema mafia which is trying to push us down!” adding, “They are defying the word of mouth! Death of independent filmmakers in Pakistan!”

In another tweet, the director expressed his frustration saying, “Bohut dhaandli hai! Sab cinemas main …. this is what you get – after making a film which is in national interest which talks about change of norms! Socially relevant! Anti dowry!”

Several people replied to Nabeel’s tweet saying that they too were surprised at the limited shows and odd timings of the film.

“The same is being done in Lahore too. I highlighted the issue in front of the cinema team as well, and brought the NO SHOW issue at Cinepax Amanah Mall to you too last night. Raise your voice against the Cinema Mafia. I’ll amplify your voice via my Facebook wall,” wrote one user.

Another commented, “This is what i told you they are not playing your movie. And the timings at which it is showed are weird. As I am doing job so it is not possible to go early in the morning.”

Taking a dig at this situation, Load Wedding‘s official Twitter handle shared the film’s  box-office collection with the caption, “Only 4 days collection and we speak the truth.” The picture further stated that the numbers were based on limited shows.

Earlier, Qureshi also called out Multan Universal Cinemas for “bizzare height of injustice.”

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