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The starting point

  • Experience in administrative matters is a necessary prerequisite

For any new government, a beginning point is always carved out to start the inception of their rule. Every leader starts off on a different point. Imran Khan took the opportunity to begin his rule with his austerity drive. In a bid to curtail the vast expenditures undertaken by the state, Khan aims to trim down the burden on the national exchequer especially in the shape of extravagant dinners and lavish teas laid out for the top brass. This move deserves appreciation since it’s the first time a leader actually stepped forward to make a difference.

Coupled with his decision to cut down on protocols and discretionary spending, Khan is on the right track. However, as the prime minister of the country he is burdened with much higher responsibilities than merely overseeing an austerity drive. A foreign minister’s travel in business class or first class won’t make much of a difference. Rather the actual difference would be made by what message the minister delivers from the PM to the international community. The focus should be on the more important factors.

Cutting down on his own security and protocol is once again appreciated generally. Again, Khan and his supporters fail to appreciate the security risks and their repercussions. PTI may be brave enough to sacrifice their leader, God forbid, however, the people of Pakistan cannot afford to sacrifice a prime minister. Any potential threat to the chief executive of the country is a threat not only to his life but also to the economy and stability of the entire country. We have to make the international people feel safe in our country. Necessary security should be retained and any expenditures for the security of the PM is in the national interests. Hasty decisions particularly in regards to security should be avoided.

Another aspect which the government needs to check itself is the body language and tone whist addressing. Hostility should be discarded and a calm and diplomatic tone should be adopted. It seems that PTI is unable to register their new role and status in the corridors of power. Sticking to the previously adopted firebrand mode of opposition, the leaders occasionally issue statements that are uncalled for. One such example was Fawad Chaudhary’s response to a question posed about the nominated governor Sindh’s educational qualifications. The hostility in his response was unmerited and should not have been present. With the reigns of the country in their hands, PTI has to maintain a patient attitude and answer each and every query posed to them with humility. Even Imran Khan’s own speech in the National Assembly cannot be forgiven on the account of being provoked. Such provocations will be extended throughout the 5-year term, if completed, of Khan. Impulsive reactions are not expected from the leader of the house. The container days are over and Khan needs to quickly adapt to his new role, one which he has dreamt of for far too long.

Foreign office is one commendable institution which seems to be in command from day one. Within days of taking oath of office, the foreign minister has secured visits by foreign dignitaries

One of the more shocking starts to his rule was Imran’s pick for the top slot in Punjab. Sardar Usman Buzdar was nominated by the PM for belonging to a far-flung area of Punjab with no access to necessary resources. In his opinion, Buzdar will feel the pain of the rural populous and work towards their betterment. I feel the pain of our country not being stable economically, does that mean I will be the best choice to steer the country out of its economic woes? The choice for the chief minister’s slot was hopeless but the reasoning provided is pitiful.

Khan sahib, emotions will not help the province being governed. Experience in administrative matters is a necessary prerequisite, unless the strings will be controlled by other persons at the back hand. Some disqualified experienced person might run the province behind the shadows, but yet the choice of Buzdar is a lousy decision. The man isn’t even a PTI loyalist if it comes to that. He merely joined PTI a few months before the country went to the polls. As certain analysts aptly concluded, no electricity in his native town is nothing to be proud of. On the contrary it is a reflection of the Buzdar family’s incompetence given the fact that Usman Buzdar himself remained a Tehsil Nazim and his father remained a member of parliament more than once. And yet, if they were unable to bring electricity to their area, then sheer incompetence is the only word reflective of their actions.

The costs of tea and biscuits are trivial when compared to the predicaments being faced by the country. Pakistan is on the verge of an economic collapse and all our prime minister can focus on is the austerity measures by cutting down expenses on refreshments served with tea. Economic policies for the future are something that the nation is at the lookout for, not for publicity stunts being extended by the government, at the moment.

Foreign office is one commendable institution which seems to be in command from day one. Within days of taking oath of office, the foreign minister has secured visits by foreign dignitaries. Relationship building with the international community will be beneficial for the PTI government and the concerned man in the job seems to be steering in the right direction.

Nevertheless, the general perception of the PTI government needs to be re-worked. Indecisiveness is another factor which hinders the PTI government’s resolve in establishing their effectiveness. Hours after naming a Governor for Balochistan, the government has backtracked and stated the name wasn’t final. These events further highlight the Khan led government’s lack of experience in running the state of affairs. Even whilst nominating the CM Punjab, similar line of indecisiveness was adopted.

The PTI and Imran Khan have been given the mandate to rule by the people. Let’s hope they adapt quickly and do not shatter the trust of the people. In the end what matters is the betterment of Pakistan.

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