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White Lies

For all his talk of a muscular nationalism, the new prime minister didn’t let form get to him and received the call from the US Secretary of State, rather than let the latter’s counterpart, the Foreign Minister, take it.

The felicitation call is always from Head of government to head of government.

Matters were made worse with the two sides disagreeing on who said what.

Meanwhile, the new finance minister wasn’t exactly Mr Congeniality on his first visit to Q Block at the secretariat. He told an already demotivated staff at the finance division that they were incompetent and good for nothing. Ouch.


It isn’t just Zulfiqar Bukhari. Imran Khan and the PTI have quite a few moneyed patrons in the UK.

With the party coming into power, many of them thought they hit the motherlode. And quite a few of them wanted the key position of High Commission to the UK. The problem: the job required for them to be Pakistani citizens and none of them were willing to give up their British passport.

Though the post eventually went to a career Foreign Service diplomat, one of the moneybags had actually visited the High Commission, surveying it, imagining the premises as his soon to be quarters!