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More MPAs than number of seats in Punjab Assembly

LAHORE: As the voting for the slot of Punjab chief minister was underway, many Punjab Assembly members had to stand in front of speaker’s dice due to ‘lack of space’.

The proceedings of assembly started on Sunday, however, the seats in the house proved to be less as compared to the number of MPAs.

The standing members, including Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leaders, started a protest in front of the speaker’s chair.

Upon this, Speaker Pervez Elahi told PML-N leaders that the building was not “upgraded” according to demands in last 10 years. “Last government did not do anything regarding the expansion of the assembly building hence everyone had to tolerate current situation,” Elahi said.

It is important to note that PML-N ruled Punjab in last 10 years but apparently no step was taken for the renovation and expansion of sitting arrangement for PA building.

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