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Imran Khan elected prime minister

  • Unraveling of PML-N under Shahbaz  Sharif

Imran Khan has finally made it to the office of the prime minister  that he had eyed for  22 years. He has  defeated PML-N’s Shahbaz Sharif by 80 votes.

Shahbaz Sharif could have given a tougher fight  in case he had succeeded in keeping all the opposition parties  with him. This failed to happen  on account of the inability to build  bridges. A lack of humility in the PML-N chief  hindered him from making  genuine attempts to woo the party’s erstwhile opponents. The PPP claimed that  Shahbaz  did not have the courtesy to  walk over to Asif Ali Zardari and Bilwal-Bhutto-Zardari  seated a few feet away during the first two  NA sittings. This was required all the more when Shahbaz  was  contesting for the office of the leader of the house. The PTI, chief on the other hand, who had been equally unguarded in the use of  language  against opponents, took the initiative to  greet both Zardari and  Bilawal. Both PPP and  Jamaat-e-Islami consequently abstained from voting on Friday.  Despite having been thrown out of power and being in dire need of allies, the hubris continues to mar Shahbaz Sharif’s relations with other parties in the opposition. Will the PML-N chief  be able to lead the opposition in the NA with this mindset?

There is also disaffection in the PML-N ranks as shown by the 16 extra votes bagged by Ch Pervaiz Elahi.  With Shahbaz Sharif leading the party at the national level and  Hamza in Punjab  and  both posing as if they are born to rule and expecting party members to carry out orders like foot soldiers, it  can only make the task of the likes of Ch Pevaiz Elahi  and Ch Sarwar easy. How can  MPAs and MNAs  stay loyal to a leadership which metes out a servile treatment to them?

The number of votes polled by Imran Khan indicate that the PTI enjoys a thin majority in the lower house. It remains to be seen how Imran Khan fulfills his election promises while simultaneously keeping  his allies together.