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Explainer: Guard of Honour in Pakistan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan took oath as 22nd prime minister of Pakistan on Saturday following which he was given the traditional Guard of Honour.

Video Courtesy: ARY News.

A Guard of Honour, also known as a ceremonial guard, is appointed to guard or receive a state dignitary, those who have embraced martyrdom and state guests.

In Pakistan, the Guard of Honour is given by servicemen drawn from the three branches of the Pakistan Military; Army, Navy and Air Force.

This is also known as a tri-service guard.

Moreover, a tri-service Guard of Honour company is usually stationed in the capital.

The event starts with the guard commander calling the guard to attention and salute, during which the service flags are lowered for the National Anthem.

After this, the national anthem is played following which the flags are raised once again.

After this, the dignitary is ushered by the guard commander and others to walk in front of the assembled Guard of Honour, a move which is known as inspecting the Guard of Honour.

In the end, the guard commander halts and face the dignitary following which he salutes the dignitary which his sword and the ceremony comes to an end.

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