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The fate of Pakistan’s prime ministers

As the National Assembly (NA) gears up to elect the country’s 22nd prime minister (PM), we take a look at the gloomy fate of the previous premiers that have served the nation.

1- Liaquat Ali Khan

Khan was PM from August 14 in 1947 and he was assassinated in 1951. His tenure lasted for four years, two months and two days.

2- Sir Khawaja Nazimuddin

Nazimuddin took office in 1951 on October 17 and his government came to an end on April 17 in 1953 when then-president Sir Malik Ghulam Muhammad dissolved his government. His tenure lasted for a year and six months.

3- Mohammad Ali Bogra

Bogra took office in 1953 on April 17 and his government was dismissed in 1955 on August 12 by the then-governor-general after the legislative elections took place. His tenure lasted for two years, three months and 26 days.

4- Chaudhry Muhammad Ali

Ali became the PM on August 12 in 1955 and remained in the post until September 12 in 1956. Ali was removed from office by his own party via a no-confidence movement. His tenure lasted for one year and one month.

5- Huseyn Shaheed Suharwardy

Suharwardy became PM in 1956 on September 12 and resigned as PM because he ‘lost control over his party’ in 1957 on October 17. His tenure lasted for one year, one month and five days.

6- Ibrahim Ismail Chundrigar 

Chundrigar became PM on October 17 in 1957 and was removed within 55 days via a no-confidence movement.

7- Sir Feroze Khan Noon

Noon became PM on December 16 in 1957 and his government collapsed in 1958 on October 7 when his own party’s then-president Iskandar Mirza enforced martial law. Noon’s tenure lasted for nine months and 21 days.

8- Nurul Amin

Amin was PM from 1971 on December 7 until December 20 in 1971. He was PM for a mere 13 days. He was the only vice-president in the country’s history as well.

9- Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

Bhutto became PM in 1973 on August 14 and remained in his post until July 5 in 1977 when his army chief General Zia deposed him and imposed martial law. His tenure lasted for three years, 10 months and 21 days.

10- Muhammad Khan Junejo 

Junejo became PM in 1985 on March 24 and was dismissed by then-president in 1998 on May 29. His tenure lasted for three years, two months and five days.

11- Benazir Bhutto

Benazir became PM twice during her life. Her first tenure lasted for one year, eight months and 4 days, while her second tenure lasted for three years and 17 days. She was first elected as PM in 1988 on December 2 and for the second time in 1993 on October 19. Her government was dismissed by then-president Farooq Leghari.

12- Nawaz Sharif

Sharif ascended to the country’s top office thrice. First in 1990 on November 6 then in 1997 on February 17 and lastly in 2013 on June 5. His first term lasted for two years, seven months and four days, his second term lasted for two years, seven months and 25 days, and his last tenure lasted for four years, one month and 23 days. Sharif’s first term ended following a negotiation between himself and the president. His second tenure ended when then-army chief General Musharaff imposed martial law. His third term ended because the Supreme Court (SC) disqualified him for being dishonest.

13- Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali 

Jamali became PM in 2002 on November 23 and remained in his post until June 26 in 2004 for a tenure that lasted for a year, seven months and three days. He resigned himself.

14- Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain 

Hussain became PM on June 30 in 2004 for an unofficially pre-determined period of 50 days.

15- Shaukat Aziz

Aziz became PM in 2004 on August 28 and continued to be the country’s top officer until November 15 in 2007. His tenure lasted for three years, two months and 18 days. He left office after then-parliament had completed its term.

16- Yousaf Raza Gillani

Gillani served as PM for four years, two months and 25 days. He was PM from March 25 in 2008 until June 19 in 2012. The SC disqualified him in a contempt of court case.

17- Raza Pervaiz Ashraf

Ashraf became PM on June 22 in 2012 and stayed in his post till March 24 in 2013. His term ended as the parliament completed its term. Ashraf’s government worked for nine months and two days.

18- Shahid Khaqan Abbasi 

Abbasi was PM from August 1 in 2017 until May 31 in 2018. His government lasted for 10 months and was dissolved when the parliament completed its term.

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