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People call on Imran Khan to ‘#KickImranShahOutOfPTI’

In a recent video that had gone viral on social media, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) Imran Ali Shah was seen slapping and thrashing a ‘poor’ man publically, while the MPA’s guards surrounded the man.

People took to Twitter and called upon PTI Chairman Imran Khan to ‘#KickImranShahOutOfPTI’

This is what they said:

Journalist Mansoor Ali Khan said, “This is a slap on the face of every Pakistani, a slap of honesty.”

Hassan Niazi said, “I’ve been a victim of this kind of physical torture by the private protocol guards. Totally unacceptable. He should resign if needed. New Pakistan has no space for this kind of protocol and bullying. Dr Imran Shah should be punished.”

Journalist Gul Bukhari said, “Culprit on his way to make new Pakistan.”

Zeeshan Ali said, “Dear Imran Khan, you said, ‘Don’t worry about the credibility of PTI candidates. Trust me and vote for PTI.’ We voted for you. Now it’s your turn to respect our trust.”

Muhammad Shaheer said, “Kick him out. I am from Karachi and pro-PTI but this is utterly unacceptable. We preferred you people over MQM just because of this nonsense.”

Fatima Khalid, “We didn’t worry about the credibility of your candidates Imran Khan because you said so but this is no way. You took our votes in the name of ‘change’ and being your voters we believed in your vision. No apology matters. We don’t need such people.”

Asad Malik said, “I was anxiously waiting for this trend, being Imran’s ideology’s follower, I would like this man out of PTI as he is not only disreputing PTI but also misleading the Imran’s narrative of change.”

Ali Dar said, “Glad to see that real PTI supporters only support rule of law and equal justice system for everyone. No need to defend such losers.”

MPA Shah later apologised for his actions in a video and met the man he had beaten in person to extend his apologies.

On the other hand, the MPA’s mother claimed that she and her son were tortured by Shah and his brother Junaid in their father’s clinic.

Dr Rehana Shah, the second wife of Imran Shah’s father Dr Muhammad Ali Shah, said, “Imran had threatened me and my son and we feel unsafe as he is now an MPA.”

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