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VIDEO: ‘Kiki Challenge’ girl shares reasons why she loves Pakistan

The “Kiki Challenge” famed Eva Zu Beck took to her Facebook page to share reasons as to why she loves Pakistan.

In a video posted on the page, Eva said that different reasons including landscape, people, the concept of Jugar, hospitality, tea and many others factors contribute to her love for the country.

Eva talked about the concept of Jugar first stating the people of Pakistan are expert in it mainly due to limited resources. “They work in the limited given resources and stay happy,” she said.

Secondly, she talked about the beautiful landscape of the country mentioning that Pakistan has everything from mountains to valleys, from deserts to beaches, from urban cities to rural areas, from coldest areas to hottest cities. “And this is all in one country,” she said.

Eva then praised the roads and streets of Pakistan alongside the adventure, the food, the people on them with full of hustle and bustle. “I loved the Chai which was served to me every time, where ever I went,” she mentioned.

The Polish tourist then praised hospitality and values of people of the country stating that both are respected and followed immensely across the country.


Earlier on Monday, a video went viral on social media during Monday when PIA intended to celebrate August 14 in a new style. Featuring in the promo, Polish tourist Eva Zu Beck performed the popular Kiki Challenge while wearing a dress in the colour of the national flag. She was also holding the Pakistani flag while dancing and performing in and out of the aircraft on the runway.

The airline and the blogger have both removed the video from their respective social media forums after criticism. Eva has also apologised to her fans on social media. In a new video, she said that the purpose of the promo was to encourage tourism in Pakistan. “I apologise for hurting sentiments of the people,” she said.

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