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Raza Rumi’s ‘Being Pakistani: Society, Culture and the Arts’ launched

LAHORE: The launching ceremony of journalist Raza Rumi’s book “Being Pakistani: Society, Culture and the Arts” was held here on Monday.

Addressing the participants of the ceremony, Raza said that the sub-continent had a rich history with its unique culture, civilisation and society. “The post-Partition history of the country can be seen divided into different eras and this can be referred to the continuity of history,” he said.

“When we look into the history of Pakistan, we see certain norms prevailing. They give birth to extremism and can later become a cause to destroy an entire civilisation,” the author said, adding that these changes were sometimes attributed to political suspensions and at times were linked to changing regional dynamics.

Rumi said that the nation had been taught distorted history and information being made available to the masses had been censored; however, he was of the view that today’s youth was more aware of the changes they needed in the society. “I can see them being more aware and vibrant than the youth was ten years ago. They are promoting culture and norms through music and other activities as they have realised that globalisation is booming today,” added author.

The ceremony was attended by Sabahat Zakria, Yasir Peerzada, Meera Sethi, eminent policymakers, analysts as well as a large number of people from different walks of life.

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