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Pakistan to stand with Turkey ‘as always’ after US imposes sanctions

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Monday extended its support to Turkey as relations deteriorate between Ankara and Washington.

“Pakistan, in principle, is opposed to [the] imposition of unilateral sanctions against any country,” said Foreign Office Spokesman Dr Mohammad Faisal. The solution, he said, lies in “dialogue, mutual understanding and goodwill”.

The US imposed sanctions on two Turkish officials earlier this month over the detention of US pastor being tried in the country on charges of espionage and terrorism-related issues.

Faisal termed Turkey a “vital member and engine of the global economy” and appreciated its role in promoting regional and global stability.

Unilateral measures “only undermine the peace and stability and make the solution to a problem more difficult and intractable,” he added.

Turkey had vowed to retaliate against US measures “without delay”.

“The people and the Government of Pakistan reiterate their strong support for the Government and the people of Turkey in their quest for peace and prosperity,” said Pakistan’s FO spokesman.

Pakistan will stand with the Turkish people “as always,” he added.

With the Turkish Lira in decline after US President Donald Trump doubled steel and aluminium tariffs against Turkey on Friday, President Racep Tayyip Erdogan said the country would seek new markets and partners elsewhere.

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