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PTV to run marathon transmission on Independence Day

ISLAMABAD: Ministry of Information Broadcasting, National History and Literary Heritage has made elaborate arrangements to commemorate the Independence Day with zeal by planning a special marathon transmission on Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV).

The channels PTV and ATV will run a special transmission on the day while Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) has made arrangements for the coverage of events, seminars, discussions and talk shows in connection with the celebrations.

The PTV had made a special campaign to celebrate Independence Day from August 1 to 14. The campaign not only celebrates the struggles of the past but also serves as a call for action to create a better future.

“It is time to recognize and appreciate all the strengths and belongings of the country and our own potential to rise as one nation,” a spokesperson of the state-run channel said.

The PTV will organise a full day thematic transmission on August 14. The live transmission will start from 8.00 am till midnight. It will be featured with the prominent personalities and celebrities.

The segment of the transmission will be focused on the importance of the day.

A special teleplay will be aired by the PTV to promote national harmony, peace, brotherhood among the public and highlighting the significance of the Independence. The grand flag hoisting ceremony will be televised live from all channels of PTV as per previous practice.

The special show “Salam Pakistan” will be produced from President House, Islamabad. It will have special segments featuring youth and children highlighting the importance and sacrifices made for Independence.

The famous national songs will also be a part of the show. They will be on aired on midnight of August 13.

A special show will be produced depicting the efforts and achievements of the youth of Pakistan which bring glory and fame to the country. Moreover, there will be a special quiz show regarding the history of Pakistan and it will be contested by school children.

A special show titled ‘All Pakistan Azadi Mushaira’ will be produced with the participation by the prominent poets of Pakistan.

Five special documentaries produced by all centers of the PTV depicting the scenic and cultural beauty of Pakistan would also be aired.


Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA), National Performing Arts Group (NPAG) and China’s Shaanxi Yulin Coal Sea Art Group would jointly perform on August 14 at PNCA Auditorium to celebrate the Independence Day.

Addressing a press conference here on Friday, Director General PNCA Jamal Shah along with officials of China Culture Center and Embassy of China said the event would start with the flute performance by Maestro Salman Adil. He will present a popular folk tune.

He said the Chinese artists would present Yangko Dance of Northern Shaanxi dance performance. Other performances include performances of run dance and drum of Northern Shaanxi.

“Chinese singer Xue Xiang Fei would present folk songs of Northern Shaanxi,” he added.

He said that this collection of outstanding folk songs from Northern Shaanxi reflects all aspects of social life, carrying feelings of bitterness, joy, love of the people of Northern Shaanxi. It reflects the people’s yearning for a better life, new social life and new identity.

Jamal Shah further said that the artists of NPAG would perform bhangra dance, dhole performance, Kalash Valley dance, Mehrgarh dance, Sindhi Jhoomer dance, Balti dance and Khattak dance.

He said violinist Raees Ahmed, who was honoured with Pride of Performance and Sitara-e-Imtiaz, would perform his instrumental popular tunes.


The Pakistani embassies and missions abroad have also finalised their plans to celebrate Independence Day aiming to portray the positive and soft image of Pakistan.

According to an official document, the external publicity wing of the Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and Literary Heritage is dispatching publicity material, including books and CDs to celebrate Independence Day.

Flag hoisting ceremony will be held at the premises of Pakistani missions in the morning of August 14 where the messages of the president and the prime minister of Pakistan will be read out. A large number of Pakistani community members including women and children will attend the ceremony.

The ambassadors/high commissioners will address the officers and the community members on this occasion, shedding light on the Pakistan movement and acts of heroism by founding fathers of Pakistan, and also on the developments taking place in Pakistan.

Popular national songs, tableaus and folk dances will be performed by school children and gifts will be distributed amongst them.

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