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PMA for comprehensive health policy in country

KARACHI: Pakistan Medical Association (Centre) Secretary General Dr Qaiser Sajjad on Friday said it can be hoped that a comprehensive health policy will be formulated for the country on a priority basis, for which federal government’sc coordination with the provinces imperative.

However, he said that he had always remained concerned about the issue of deteriorating healthcare in the country.

“In the absence of a comprehensive health policy and proper planning, we cannot expect any improvement in the healthcare scenario,” he said.

Emphasising on PMA being a major stakeholder, he said that it feels its responsibility to share relevant guidelines with the newly elected government, he hoped that this can be incorporated in the future policy making.

To a query, he said country needs to focus on basic issues encompassing efficient basic health units (BHUs) and primary health care services instead of hi-fi curative interventions.

Easy accessibility to clean drinking water, healthy surroundings, vaccination and immunisation against preventable diseases, population control, improved healthcare awareness among people were said to be some of the factors that are doable on urgent basis.

“The policy must be focused on preventive rather mainly on curative aspects,” said PMA official.

Seeking immediate ban on quackery, Dr Sajjad also recommended reorganisation of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) as well as Drug Regulatory Authority.

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