VIDEO: After seven years, ‘Inqilabi burger’ famed Zohaib Toru talks about cyberbullying | Pakistan Today

VIDEO: After seven years, ‘Inqilabi burger’ famed Zohaib Toru talks about cyberbullying

Almost after seven years, ‘Inqilabi burger’ famed Zohaib Toru opened up about his viral video and cyberbullying he had to face because of it.

The video of Zohaib Toru went viral in 2011, wherein he could be seen complaining about police torture and how it was a major hurdle to bring about a “revolution” in the country.

Due to his voice tone and speaking style, he became famous on social media and became a “symbol” of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) supporters.

In a recent video, Zohaib, who now is a lawyer, talked about that viral video, how it affected his life and cyberbullying he had to face. “I admit that due to my immaturity, the discussion in that video turned the focus on my personality instead of the main issue,” Zohaib said, adding he noticed that same video again went viral in last elections but as he was abroad studying hence did not respond to the video.


Talking about the cyberbullying, he said: “I feel there were several instances of online bullying about which people did not talk and as I have faced it so I think I am qualified to talk about it,” he asserted.

“Cyberbullying kills humanity and empathy in individuals and sometimes its victims kill themselves because of this,” Zohaib stated.

He further said that it is surprising even senior journalists and analysts play their part in it through content sharing or giving space in their articles.

“Criticising others is easy but it is very hard to stand for what you believe and I did it even in my young age,” he stated, adding people should read about this issue so this can be tackled.

“Do not judge a book by its cover,” he concluded.

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