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SHC moved against reopening of Askari Amusement Park

Sindh High Court (SHC) was moved the other day against the reopening of the Askari Amusement Park before investigations of the ride crash incident are complete.

The petitioners, Ahmed Zaman and Shah Zaman Khan, contended that naming a commercial park “Askari” was illegal. They also claimed that the park was being run without the approval of the authorities concerned.

The petitioners argued that the park administration imported precarious rides from China without required approvals and operated such rides without following any standard operating procedure.

It was also contended in the petition that commercialisation of parks in the city was depriving the people of recreation. The petitioners asked the SHC to order annulment of entry charges for public parks.

Askari Amusement Park be not reopened again until inspection of its rides and the inquiry into the ride collapse incident are complete, the petitioners asked. They nominated the Sindh government, Karachi commissioner, Karachi mayor, Rangers director-general and others as respondents.

The incident of ride crash at the Askari Amusement Park occurred on July 15. A revolving ride at the park collapsed while it was being operated, resulting in the death of a minor girl, Kashaf, and injuries to at least 25 others.

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