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Reham Khan, Zaid Ali T battle it out on Twitter

Journalist and Imran Khan’s former wife, Reham Khan has been in the news for one reason or another. Her explosive biography raised more than just a few eyebrows and invited the wrath of Imran’s supporters.

Reham recently ended up in the line of fire of Pakistani-Canadian Youtuber and comedian Zaid Ali T, who took to Twitter to share his views on the former Mrs Khan.

“The only dua that I make before going to sleep is that I never end up with an ex like Reham Khan,” read his tweet.

Reham, who doesn’t shy away from shutting down her haters, replied, “My sincere dua is that you never have to live with a drug abuser & a cheat. I did & covered up until I found out he was cheating those who had voted him. Pakistan comes first.”

You would expect this exchange of hot words would end there, however, Zaid did not stop and responded to Reham’s tweet writing, “You claim that Imran Khan takes drugs.. but it seems ke un drugs ka asar ap pe ho raha hai.”

Zaid is not the first of Imran’s celebrity supporters who have slammed Reham. Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi, a loyal Imran Khan fan, has also been vocal in his dislike for Reham and has called her out on multiple occasions, especially with regard to her book.

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