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Imran mulling proposal to announce stopgap nominee for Punjab CM

ISLAMABAD: With no clear choice for the slot of Punjab chief minister in sight, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan is reportedly mulling over a proposal to appoint a PTI MPA as chief minister temporarily, until a decision for the permanent one is made.

A senior PTI leader told Pakistan Today that the PTI senior leadership was in session on Tuesday to detail the party’s nominees for various slots.

“During the consultation, a proposal was floated to appoint any PTI member of Punjab Assembly as a chief minister as stopgap measure. A strong PTI leader might elected in the by-election, who can later be appointed as a permanent CM,” the source said.

When asked to comment whether the PTI wanted Shah Mahmood Qureshi to get elected in the by-election, the source said that the decision would be taken by PTI chairman in this regard.

“What I can inform you is that the PTI chief is yet to decide the new candidate for coveted slot of Punjab chief minister as there is a lack of strong and seasoned campaigner among the party’s newly elected Punjab assembly members. So, a new proposal was floated today to resolve the issue,” the source said.

When asked why the party did not field a strong candidate in July 25 elections, the PTI leader said that the party had fielded Shah Mahmood Qureshi with the same intention but he lost to a little known PTI rebel leader, Salman Naeem, who defeated Qureshi as an independent from Multan.

On Dr Yasmin Rashid being seen as a possible candidate for the stopgap arrangement, the source said that the PTI leaders had floated the idea and party chairman would take decision in this regard.

Mian Abrar

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