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Recounting in DIK’s PK-95, 98 finds no change

PESHAWAR: No changes have been made after the completion of the recounting process in two provincial assembly constituencies PK-98 Paro tehsil and PK-95 Paharpur tehsil of Dera Ismail Khan district, an official of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) said on Sunday.

He said that the candidate submitted the request of recounting to the ECP on both the constituencies but after the completion of the recounting and adding of postal ballot votes, besides assessment and inclusion of rejected votes, the returning officer announced no change. The winning and losing candidates have also signed the form amicably by accepting the result in the presence of the returning officers, the official informed.

He said the winner candidate Maulana Lutif-ur-Rehman of MMA, who was declared as the winner in PK-98 Paro, got an edge of three more votes, besides including of 75 more votes out of the rejected votes against Fakarullah Khan Miankhail. His total votes reached to 20,010 while there is no addition of any votes after recounting for Fakarullah Khan Miankhail who got 18,922.

Under the supervision of returning officer Muhammad Tabib Jan, the recounting of all the 114 polling station was made and announced no change in the result apart from the inclusion of three more votes and 75 votes out of the rejected votes of MMA winner candidature Maulana Lutif-ur-Rehman, the official added.

Maulana Lutifur Rehman earlier got 19,808 against Fakarullah Khan Miankhail 18,842, who requested the ECP for recounting. In the PK-95 Paharpur constituency, Syed Murid Kazim had submitted his application for the recounting against the winning candidate Ihtisham Akbar Khan who bagged 39,874 votes while Syed Murid Kazim got 39,574.

After the completion of the recounting process, independent candidate Ihtisham Akbar Khan got more votes and reached to 44,228 votes while the votes of Syed Murid Kazim decreased to 39,199, thus no change was made in the earlier announced result of PK-95 Paharpur, Dera Ismail Khan district.

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