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Naya Pakistan

  • Hopefully better than the old one

Votes cast. Results announced. Pakistan has officially entered Naya Pakistan territory. Despite rumours of elections being delayed and a national government being formed, Pakistanis were allowed to speak on time. And they have spoken, indeed. Imran Khan is the people’s choice irrespective of what other parties might say. The much awaited sherwani is finally ironed and ready.

The election itself has been termed controversial by almost all the major participating parties and the results have been unanimously rejected, though a conflict in regards to the line of action to be adopted remains. PPP has decided to ensure continuation of the democratic process and take all reservations to the parliament. A calculated and at the same time commendable move. They don’t seem ready for a re-election for the simple reason that their own mandate in Sindh might be endangered. The people have already declared Imran as their leader. A re-election, if possible, might cost the PPP their mandate in Sindh as well.

Similarly, PML-N seems reluctant to take the matter to the streets. With the EU observers terming the election as satisfactory, any such movement might prove to be politically disastrous. The nation has already tested these parties for far too long and have somewhat expressed their resentment. The supreme leader is already behind bars and the younger brother has failed to win the mandate from the people.

Frustrated from being ruled for decades by leaders who have looted the country’s wealth, the people of Pakistan have ignited a ray of hope within their hearts in the shape of Imran Khan. They have willingly given him the mandate he asked for. Imran has finally succeeded in his 22 year long struggle. He has worked hard for this victory and has been busy preparing for these celebrations for far too long now. His stance against corruption has already been implemented once practically in the shape of the Avenfield sentences. The once all powerful Nawaz remains incarcerated in the same country where Imran is set to rule. The irony is priceless. “Inko rulaoun ga mein” has actually materialised helping Imran fulfil his first promise.

In spite of all reservations the biggest drop scene comes with Imran Khan offering to investigate any constituency termed controversial by the opponents

This mandate, however, is burdened with consequences. In his long-driven quest for the top office, Imran has made a significant number of promises which he is now bound to fulfil. His victory speech started off on a positive note wherein he reiterated his resolve to serve the people and give effective solutions to the existing problems. Hopes are high and the clock is already ticking. Khan sahib, from the very first day in office, needs to work extremely hard in order to stay put on his word. As difficult as it was reaching the PM office, it will be harder to actually deliver on these promises.

With the PML-N set to lead a strong opposition, every move that the incoming government makes will be subjected to extreme levels of scrutiny and will be keenly observed worldwide. Running the country won’t come as an easy task. On the contrary it is bound to take its toll on both Imran and PTI.

For once, it is imperative that we accept the mandate, PTI has been granted, and in the interest of democracy, learn to respect it. Positive critique on crucial matters should be extended however, lousy criticism should be done away with. The trust that the people have deposed in Imran Khan should be honoured.

Let him avail the opportunity that he has been granted. If he fails, vote him out. Till then, sit back and observe his governance. Imran might turn out to be the messiah the country needs or he may fail miserably. This query can only be answered with time. Whether or not Khan is able to succeed in the second and most important battle is a game of odds. For now, the odds seem to be in his favour. Though in a matter of seconds when the odds may shift and go against him.

PTI may have perfected the game of leading organised mass protests, however, leading a country such as Pakistan is an entirely different ball game. It is far more challenging than waving to the crowds from the top of a container or delivering fiery speeches. A set of 50 pushups won’t do the trick this time round either.

Strong governance and effective measures to counter the predicaments being faced by the country are the only way forward. With the absence of these, the people of Pakistan will never forgive Mr Khan as he in the only hope for a lot of people, if not all. Beginning with foreign policy coupled with economy, the PTI government is set to encounter drastic problems and will be put to test from the very first day in office. The country needs relief.

Question marks on the fairness of the elections may be raised and the same may even be termed controversial. Pre-poll engineering is another aspect behind which major political parties have been taking refuge. What matters is the polling day itself. Widely accepted to be free and fair certain questions are indeed raised as to the competence of the Election Commission of Pakistan for delaying the poll results. Somebody has to take the responsibility for the RTS failure in order to eradicate the controversies being raised against the election.

In spite of all reservations the biggest drop scene comes with Imran Khan offering to investigate any constituency termed controversial by the opponents. A move which is both bold and menacing. In the event of any discrepancy being discovered, the veracity of the entire polling process will be brought to question. Nevertheless, all apprehensions must be addressed in order to differentiate the Naya Pakistan from the old one.

Prayers for Imran Khan’s success in steering the country out of the quandaries are being made. At the same time some people urge the need to be prepared in case of drastic failure. With good luck to Imran Khan, let us hope that his Naya Pakistan proves to be better than the old one.