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CJP suspects ‘international conspiracy’ behind water shortage

–Says dams should be built on war footings to contain water shortage issue

LAHORE: Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar on Saturday said that the acute water shortage faced by the country is because of an international conspiracy, adding that dams are essential for future generations of Pakistan.

Addressing a ceremony here, the chief justice said that each and every citizen of Pakistan has to work for the national interest. “The water issue in Pakistan is getting serious day by day and previous governments have done nothing about it,” he said.

“Keeping citizens bereft of water is a serious crime and the shortage has been caused by the incompetence of the authorities,” Justice Nisar said. “We must all join hands to build the much needed dams to resolve this pressing issue,” he added.

The CJP further said that work on emergency footings need to be done in this regard. “The judiciary will do everything in its power to resolve this issue,” he stated.

Talking about the current condition of the judiciary, he confessed that he does not think that he “was not able to do all that he wanted”. “Numerous laws have been updated but it is a time-consuming task,” he said.

“It’s unfortunate that the judicial system is still primed on the age-old ways; even in this modern age we are dependent on the patwari system,” he added

“Despite efforts, I couldn’t get my house in order,” the top judge lamented.

Justice Nisar said that there are many reforms which need to be implemented in the judicial system for its betterment.

“Sometimes even after trying really hard you can’t achieve what you really want,” the CJP said.

“Until judges are passionate about dispensing timely justice there will be no improvement in the judicial system as a whole,” he stressed.

“We [the judiciary] need to learn and accept our mistakes too,” the top judge said while talking about ways to improve the system.

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