Seven ‘Afghan refugees’ killed over marriage proposal dispute in Peshawar | Pakistan Today

Seven ‘Afghan refugees’ killed over marriage proposal dispute in Peshawar

As many as seven people were killed in Peshawar’s Surizai village on the outskirt of the city in jurisdiction over an alleged marriage proposal dispute, a private media outlet reported on Tuesday.

“Six people of a family have been killed who are Afghan refugees while one appears to be one of their Pakistani relatives,” a local police official said, adding that an investigation is being done.

“One Pakistani and six refugees have been killed. The Pakistani family apparently wanted a girl from the Afghan family for one of its boys but the proposal was refused on the ground that that they did not want to marry her to a Pakistani boy which caused an unrest among the two families,” the official said.

The police official said that there was an air of unease between the two families after two children fought on the street leading to elders resorting to take out the guns.

“It appears as if the Pakistani family had planned it well ahead while the Afghanis were not prepared and not expecting such carnage,” he added, saying that a First Information Report (FIR )has been registered and police were trying to arrest the accused.

As part of security measures for election day, the Peshawar district administration has imposed a ban on the movement of Afghan refugees from their camps along with a ban on aerial firing, use of tinted glasses, entry of unregistered vehicles in the city in his plan for election day preparations.

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